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In the St. Georges monastery’s archives from the Prague Castle, is a first mention of the Trojan vineyard. Situated in Troja, next to Prague, it was producing wines for our kings, generations after generations. Since the 18th Century, the little property, on which our wine grows today, was named after Jan Kašpar Salaba, the owner. The modern history of the Salabka vineyard began in the years 1953 - 1955.
During the communist regime, the vineyard was abandoned. Then Professor Vilém Kraus resurrected it 15 years ago: a rare breed of an old clone of Riesling was left. Later on, were mainly planted Pinot noir, Müller Thurgau, Scheurebe, then Pinot blanc, Pinot gris, Hibernal, Neronet and Tintet. In total 10 000 grapevines were specially imported from France like during the kingdom of Karel IV. in the 14th century. Every year, we produce and maintain the best wine quality from the region, and to propose wines with the same objective: to reach your satisfaction, like kings were use to have centuries ago.

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On the right bank of the Vltava River, Salabka vineyard covers an area of approximately 4.5 hectares only. Its wines grow on the southwest slope between Troja & Bohnice. We grow wines in optimal way, thanks to the perfect South-West orientation, with a matching soil.
In the immediate vicinity of the Botanical Garden, Salabka is known as the largest vineyard in Prague to produce only top quality wine. We practice “reduction” in order to maintain high quality grapes, therefore we obtain the best of each raisin. As a result, we produce approximately 10 000 bottles of wine per annum.


The focus on quality starts as well with the technology we chose for our wine production. We offer public visits & organise wine tasting events in a dedicated room for 20 people. Last but not least, we invested in a distillery, equipped with hand hammered copper boiler, manufactured traditionaly at Bodensee by Holstein family dynastie, from generation to generation. Next year, we start the production of 2 000 bottles per annum of brandys and grapa. We are the first distillery in Prague. Recently, we built our restaurant on the remains of historic barn, keeping the original cellars. The property also offers apartments, respectively named after flavours: Cassis, Lavender, Rosemary, and after wines’ names: Pinot Noir & Rosé and Riesling, which is our wedding suite. 

Salabka Wine


  • La Muse
    Pinot Blanc, barrique, dry, 2014
  • Le Joyeux
    Müller Thurgau, dry, 2015
  • La Philo
    Rhine Riesling, dry, 2015
  • La Reine
    Chardonnay & Sylvaner, medium dry, 2015
  • L'Art
    Moravian Muscat, medium dry, 2016
  • L'Ancetre
    Gewürztraminer, medium dry, 2016
  • L'Antique
    Grüner Silvaner, dry, 2016
  • Ton Sourire
    Pinot Noir, dry, 2012
  • Tes Yeux
    Neronet, dry, 2013
  • Ton Coeur
    Pinot Noir, rosé, medium dry, 2016
  • Le Diamant
    Sect, Blanc de Blancs, brut, 2007
  • La Perle
    Sect, Rosé de Noirs, sec, 2013
  • Le Précieux
    Neronet, liqueur wine, sweet, 2015

Tomáš Osička


Tomáš Osička


You have to be born wine maker. But to really be one, you have to recognize it in life, use the right opportunities a give it all it needs. Tomas is a winer with drive, which is based not only on experiment but also on feedback - everything he creates must be tasty and bring joy to people. For everything to be this way he knows that he needs to reveal from time to time something about his alchemy. He is fulfilling his dream on Salabka - to create the best small wineyard.

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