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Nature and technology

Nature and human ingenuity - all this can now be found in materialized form. Where? At the distillery Salabka - the only and unique, right in Prague - Troja!

Sun and grapevine and fruit trees produces sugar, yeasts provide its transformation into alcohol and distillation technologies Arnold - Holstein together with the art of our winemakers and distillers then leads to the expected end - delicious liqueurs and fine spirits Salabka.

Stainless steel, copper and glass - it is a fascinating view on the equipment, our grandfathers only dreamed about. However, they produced with a much simpler devices excellent drinks - and then transfer their knowledge, thanks to which we can now humbly continue with their work in our Prague distillery.


Basic sales package for spirits from the distillery Salabka are elegant high clear bottles and 0.5 l darker bottles for liqueurs, with romantic design, also vol. 0.5 liters. Our fine brandies and delicious liqueurs will also be available to taste in Restaurant Salabka which extends its range of high-end spirits.


The principal products of the distillery in Prague, placed on the market are mainly:

Based on Wine

Wine grape brandy from wine, Hefebrand from marc and lees (technology of grappa) and subsequently premium beverages matured in oak barrels (technology of cognac and gold grappa). Thus we process local raw materials with all their peculiarities, stemming from the uniqueness of the vineyard Salabka.

Based on the fruit

Plum and Apricot Brandy and also an Apple brandy and subsequently Golden Apple brandy, aged in oak barrels (technology of Calvados). We use only high quality Czech fruit.

Based on the fruit

Cassis, Nut liqueur, Kirsch (always made from primary natural ingredients - black currant, green walnuts, cherries).


Salabka isn't just distillery

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