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History and Present Times

The archive of the St. George’s Convent at the Prague Castle contains the first records regarding this vineyard settlement, dating back to 1228. Is was acquired by the Salaba family in the 16th century, first by Jakub, then in the 18th century by Jan Kašpar Salaba. At that time, the property featured a destination pub, wine cellar and the vineyard contained Burgundy grape varieties, as is evident from the records found during its reconstructions.

Our flagship variety is from the 1950’s. It’s likely the oldest clone of Rhine Riesling, saved during vineyard renovations on the recommendation of Professor Vilém Kraus. 10,000 grape vine plants were planted during the reconstruction of the vineyards, imported from France, just as during the reign of Charles IV. Their varieties are mainly Pinot Noir, Müller Thurgau and Scheurebe. Later, Pinot Blanc, Hibernal and Neronet joined these varieties.

The current development of Salabka is the result of a five-year effort of architects from the IKA VIN 112 and ARCHIKRAFT studios, completed in 2014. Aside from the picturesque vineyards that are the largest in Prague, spanning 3.9 hectares, the settlement features a modern winery, a restaurant with a terrace, apartments in the style of French vineyard houses, as well as the first Prague distillery.

The entire 4.5 hectare estate highlights natural materials - solid wood construction, exposed stone and foundry ironwork - all set within the historic environment of the Troja district. We continue ancient traditions, focus on the present moment and plan a great future for the Salabka vineyard domain.

Petr Kunc

Chef de Cuisine

Petr Kunc

Chef de Cuisine

Petr Kunc gained most of his experience working in the United Kingdom alongside Michelin-star chefs including Albert Roux, Tom Aikens and Giorgio Locatelli.

Also, his internships with masters in the industry such as Sergio Herman, Pierre Gagnaire, Gordon Ramsay, Heston Blumenthal, Raymond Blanc, Michel Roux Jr., Agnar Sverrisson, Nuno Mendez and Richard Corrigan were formative for him.

He worked as private chef for Rhubarb, a London-based VIP Catering company, supplying events such as Wimbledon, Royal Ascot and the 2012 Olympic Games. Petr prepared private dinners for Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, Windsor Castle, the Borussia Dortmund football team and individuals such as Sir Elton John, designer Valentino, Louis Vuitton and Donna Karan, along with other well-known personalities.

After seven years in England he found his way home to the Czech Republic, in 2013. He first took the lead in the renowned Prague restaurant V Zátiší and a year later accepted a position at the SOHO restaurant in Prague. Since 2016 he’s been fully involved in the Salabka restaurant. The cuisine he created with his team is considered a hidden treasure in Prague’s Troja.

Petr is married to Gabriela Kunc Lacherová who works by his side as the Restaurant Manager.

Gabriela Kunc Lacherová

Restaurant Manager

Gabriela Kunc Lacherová

Restaurant Manager

Gabriela Kunc Lacherová began her focus on gastronomy in 2006, while she studied economics at the Open University in London. What initiated as a job grew into a passion that remained with her long after she completed her studies.

First she served as a waitress in Oxford, working her way up over the years to bar manager and then restaurant manager. During the final four years of her stay in London she leveraged both her economic and gastronomic knowledge to work as Office Manager for Jamie Oliver’s restaurant. Prior to accepting the challenge to join the Salabka team, she worked as a managerial assistant in the Prague restaurant Mlýnec and subsequently as an Event Manager in the SOHO restaurant in Prague.

Gabriela is a very focused manager who pays great attention to details. She loves travel, design, food and, in particular, fine wine. Her next goal is the successful completion of her sommelier certification.


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