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Cuisine du soleil

Have you ever tasted the sun on your plate? Our kitchen is full sun - soleil. Style, which permeates all flavors and aromas of the sea and world landscapes, full of the energy of the sun and southern slopes of Salabka with the taste of vines, grown here from time immemorial. This is the sunny cuisine. We cook simply Cuisine du Soleil. It is focused not only on design, but we emphasize especially on the flavor, aroma and quality. And now, we would like to invite you through each of our meals to unveil its secrets.

Delight of every bite

Cuisine de soleil requires taste and smell of the finest ingredients. With regard to the current season, we carefully choose only the best quality food from our suppliers. Therefore comes our concept, based on a seasonal menu.

We want to offer dishes with perfectly balanced taste, simple, but refined in detail.

The whole magic is enhanced by fresh herbs and spices from around the world and also from our gardens.

Joie de vivre

We honour the times when cooking was an art and food was meant to be enjoyed. The times when we dined with the family or with friends, and with a sip of wine we could enjoy every bite. Food in the sunny kitchen means reunion, joy and experiences.

We brought this small piece to you into the heart of Europe.

So lift up a glass of sparkish wine... That's the real Joie de vivre - the joy of life, which brings our sunny kitchen. Come with friends to share this joy!


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Spring menu

Come and taste our new spring menu!

We look forward to your visit!

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